• Valentina Castro

365 Goddess Project

When I turned 39, I wanted to paint for a year topics related to how I felt about the different roles I played: woman, mother, wife, daughter, etc. And on my birthday #40 I made an exhibition for my close friends and my family. Now that I turn 49, I want to celebrate every day of this last year of my 40's honoring female power. And what better way than to focus on the goddesses of different cultures and times throughout history.

For this project, I've been inspired by Patricia Telesco's book: "365 Goddess, a daily guide to the magic and inspiration of the goddess."

Formerly our ancestors were guided in the observation of nature to explain the creation of the world that surrounded them. It is there that the gods and goddesses arise as creators of this reality; in such a way that mythology gave meaning and answers to many questions about everyday situations and, in some cases, served as justifications. This set of myths and narratives concerning the remarkable gods and men of race or people in which culture established the foundations of primitive civilizations, in close connection with their respective religions. And it is precisely through these stories that we can know the various cultures in depth.

From a very early age, I was introduced to the world of mythology thanks to my mother and my grandmother. And after many years I return to this subject but now focused on the goddesses in order to honor "the archetype: goddess" as the personification of the independent female spirit. This archetype makes the woman seek her own goals in the field she chooses. And above all reconnects us with the essence of the feminine as a creative power and that all women we carry intrinsically, but in day to day we forget about it.

I hope that the intention of this project will motivate you to join and give you the opportunity to explore the strory of 365 goddesses over the course of a year.


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