"After a breast cancer, I decided not to wait passively for the malignant cells to invade my body again, I had to find something that would help me get into permanent remission. It was then that I discovered that if my physical body had become very sick, It was probably the reflection that the rest of my being was also sick, so I decided to heal my mind, my emotions and my spirit so that my physical part would also heal.

In that search I contacted Valentina Castro. For almost two hours she guided me through my body to recognize several of the emotions that were nesting there. Many were easily released and others were too hard because I was reluctant to feel them and even more to let them go.

The most significant part of the session was having managed to understand my mother in the moments that had me in her womb and to heal the emotions that could have affected me in that period. Much of the conflict I had with her vanished as I contacted her and mine. It was liberating! "


"After ending my marriage, I faced all that this leads to in how many to feelings, situations and people, that is, to face the beginning of a new stage of my life.

Situation that was not easy, however say that things happen for a reason, and so it was!

I gave myself the opportunity to take sessions with Valentina Castro, which helped me delimit my feelings and learn to face all that a new beginning brings with it. I learned to look for other alternatives, to value today and to flow."


"I had a very enriching experience witnessing the distance healing Valentina did to my mother. She asked me for permission and gave my mother a session with Thetahealing® technique. The next day my mother presented a completely different picture, managing to leave the intensive therapy to middle therapy. Even though he was in a traditional treatment, everyone (including doctors) were astonished at his great recovery that night. "


"My sessions with Valentina helped me understand that within chronic neuropathic pain it is easy for emotional aspects to be affected, and that it is possible to adopt conscious attitudes to attenuate the emotional impact caused by pain."


I had surgery in May, and although it was not a serious situation, the process of deciding to do it confronted me with many fears and uncertainties that led me to feel that this state of anxiety was much worse than the health situation that led me to Surgery. I gave myself several months to assimilate the situation and at the same time try to heal it by alternative means. Although I finally decided on a radical medical alternative like surgery, on the way I understood that I had to try to heal and accept other things. Valentina has been a great teacher to me, not only for the help she gave me to face the fear of the operation and to provide my body for a quick, uncomplicated recovery; But also to recognize and reprogramme. It has been very good to rediscover myself freed of some discomfort since they were part of me, or to realize that my anxiety about certain fears has disappeared in these months. Seeing and following closely her own healing process has made me realize the incredible possibilities that human beings have of healing us if we accept to look at ourselves honestly and compassionately with love and faith. I hope that many people can learn from it to listen to their own bodies and find answers that transform and change lives. Thank you Valentina and keep walking on this wonderful road that life has laid out for you.


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