Valentina Castro

Creative Entrepreneur

As a Mexican, my millenary culture (colors, textures, flavors, etc.) has been a significant influence in my life. I just can´t deny my roots.  Though, in 2010 my family and I moved to Houston, Texas.

Growing as I single child for my first 13 years of life, I found myself spending hours of solitude... I had two options: stare at the ceiling and be horribly bored or “create stuff” and set free my imagination... I decided to be creative. As a matter of fact, I didn't think about it; it was already there in my soul.

I ¨discovered¨ that my intuition was my strength at a very young age. There has always been this trust on myself and all this accompanied by a great determination to meet my goals (personal and professional) no matter what. I decided to study Industrial Design attracted by the creative path that this career offered. Upon my bachelor, I found my passion for creativity and psychology (art as therapy) to help myself and my clients to cope with their issues. I felt ¨the call¨ of studying psychopedagogy and neuropsychology, and I found this mixture as a perfect way to address the balance between intellect and spirit.

I was able to apply the same ¨formula¨ I used as a young child: creativity and art journaling as a healing and safe outlet to my conflicts. Back then I use it instinctively; now as a professional I practice these tools with my clients and walk them through their process in an empathetic and safe space. Both art journaling/art and creativity have healed me in so many ways. As a matter of fact,  they have been my eternal companions in the good and the bad. 

I am so grateful for having this journey (my life) full of learning experiences, challenges, growth, and overall getting to know myself and my purpose in life.

My "formula": Creativity, intuition and art as healing tools.

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